Cottonwood Kitchen


Spring Kitchen Remodel

Design + Build

MA Peterson

Interior Design

Chirigos Designs


Maple Grove, MN



Project Description

With all the lean towards white kitchens, this was a unique situation. This lovely homeowner had worked as a food scientist for many years in sterile commercial kitchens padded in white and stainless steel. She wanted a complete reversal.

How did we come to this shade of green for the cabinetry? Lookin at her clothes, artwork and pulling various color story tones and waiting patiently for that bright expression on her face. This was the winner.

We call it our Spring Kitchen Remodel. A breath of fresh air.

But don’t let this feminine sweet color story trick you into thinking this kitchen is anything but a work horse. Her passion for baking, her keen skill of cooking and organization kept us on our toes to section off each area for a specific task.

Shopping for the high end appliances was our first stop and set the layout for all the cabinetry functionality and design. Everything had a home and for this homeowner, it is her happy place. And how happy we were that the project was completed right at the beginning of the pandemic. Whew. What a blessing.